Falbala - fall/winter 2004

Black and white is a designer favourite when striking for contrast, but rarely is that contrast as fierce as it is in Falbala’s latest collection. It’s fantastic to see the label use some asymmetric cuts in a season that, one the whole, doesn’t go there. Falbala’s thrown the Quebec media into a catalepsy over exactly that kind of cool clash, and it’s perpetuated this season with flirty hems and glossy finishes.

It would’ve been nice to see the collection minus the jarring hose and other overstated elements of styling. Question: who exactly is going to wear a giant fabric flower the size of their head? Maybe all of this doesn’t matter, because Falbala gives those retro-fiends out there (you know who you are) one last gasp of the eighties before we lose them for another ten years.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Agnieszka S. Yockell, Photographer