CIMM Collective Show - fall/winter 2004

The Centre international de mode de Montréal presents “Jeanswear/Sportswear” and “Ready-to-wear” fashion shows

CIMM’s seasonal extravaganza showed us exactly what has made them one of Canada’s leading fashion and apparel organizations.

Schott N.Y.C., renowned for their arty winter jackets, pulled out all the creative stops to bring us aviators for men and for women. The puffy look appears to have been replaced by a tapered waist-length shape with the occasional fur accent for a touch of Canadiana. Not everything can be so rough and tumble, as Ginger proved, targeting the coquettish academic set with their argyle plaids and unabashedly garish reds and pinks. Chip & Pepper took us through biker chic with low-rise jeans and cut-off T-shirts with slogans that could make a sailor blush.

Thank the fashion gods for Hilary Radley! Her monotones of dusty rose and electric rust snapped some life into the proceedings. Knit Me’s wool and cashmere was equally as luxurious, while Powerline proffered some interesting ways of sneaking gossamer chiffon into an evening outfit-as if we wouldn’t notice. Rouzanne is all about prints, lively florals as well as subtle gardenias, applied to a fall’s deepest and most beautiful hues.

The best was saved for last. Frank Lyman’s succulent red dresses reinforce our suspicion-that red is the guilty favourite for fall 2004. Giovanni D’Amico gives us devastating black dresses, halter-tops and corsets that owe their divine forms to the way they either anchor on or accentuate the neck. And thanks for the satin dress with pockets-it was priceless.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Agnieszka S. Yockell, Photographer