Frëtt Design - fall/winter 2004

For those of you who remember, Frett Design’s first fashion show looked nothing like this. In a few brief seasons, what began as a knitwear novelty has spun into a designer apparel empire. The knits come in every shade of white imaginable, including the endless range of creams, in combinations that that can be switched with seamless style.

Michelle Secours has the luxury of applying her discerning touch to tested bouclé and merino silhouettes, and the snug results are stunning in their simplicity. The tunic is exploited nicely-with erotic cut and worn over other outfits, or just alone. Catch-me-if-you-can lingerie is fashioned out of seductive and skimpy bits, including a boudoir shirt with a curiously uncomplicated front clip.

There are more practical offerings that are equally sporty. Killer black camisoles have diagonally tapered sleeves, ideal for nearly any occasion. Cashmere utility suits in azure, sand, lime and charcoal defer to the woman inside, giving a vertical lift with every curve. Tricots aren’t the only players in Frett’s simple magic. Beaver, fox and rabbit and the new Orylag are furs that enhance the exclusivity of many of these pieces.

The huge collection drives the point home with every piece-Frett Design produces nothing extravagant while producing everything luxurious, a remarkable signature forte.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer