Harebell - fall/winter 2004

Shelli Oh ventures into brave new territory with her Fall 2004 collection. I don’t think I’ve ever see something so utterly unrestrained as the draping lace camisole come flying off her scissors. There are neater versions of that in the collection for you prudes out there, or for anyone who has come to love Harebell for the soft (albeit moody) elegance the label has become synonymous with.

The flared jeans help contemporize Oh’s vision by measurable increments, then it really goes off the charts: a perfectly symmetrical dimpled dress with brown leather inlay. The-dare I say it?-careless abandon of the sleeves gives the dress an organic, ‘lived-in’ appearance that doesn’t come easily in this day and age of faked hipness. When the penchant for olive wears off, Harebell turns to black and gold to make a statement with down-filled jacquard jackets.

The men’s collection is clean and simple, with a hint of Oxford slacker to the pastel pinstripes. There are brooding brown separates for guys who might gravitate to the bad-boy side of the spectrum, though it might be difficult to look tough in pressed designer clothing either way. It’s such a pleasure to see Harebell juice up the women’s line with courageous style. I wish the men’s line didn’t defer to such safety.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer