Mackage - fall/winter 2004

Something tells me that Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy have a thing for food-they’ve hit upon a range of creams and browns that step into the culinary on more than one occasion. Bone-white, peaches and cream, cappuccino with just a smidgen of pink for more than a few sassy jackets, and just about any shade of chocolate that you’ve found yourself craving for a midnight snack-Mackage has it on the Fall 2004 menu.

The design duo interpret the timeless A-line trench in a style all their own. The jackets are juiced up with the odd leather embellishment as well as with rounded, vintage seams and upholstered buttons. Another feature that adds an element of the romantic to this collection is the generousness to the collar, and it’s done without smothering the look.

For men, Mackage gives us a few lean sculpted coats in black and charcoal. There’s nothing wrong with softening the bad-ass James Dean look with tasteful details: a stylish motorcycle jacket with wicked cuts, fur accents, and a collar to stymie any rebel wind pleaded the case. Otherwise, the label’s leather output is kept to a minimum as other fabrics, like wool, take precedence.

It’s heartening to see collections that ride on their own strength, or at least ones that don’t count on styling to make their mark. Can someone please remind me though, who started the annoying trend of banana yellow stockings and gloves? Let’s keep the runway real, folks, and let’s continue making fantasy out of everyday material.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer