Joeffer Caoc - fall/winter 2005

Every piece of Joeffer Caoc’s demure, black evening wear for Fall 2005 harbours at least a modicum of razzle-dazzle. The sultry dresses have either silver streaks or glossy finishes to liven them up. The semi-transparent bust is a recurring motif in the collection, one that perhaps dispels the overall conservative mood.

Neck detail has always been Caoc’s thing, especially when he was designing for Misura. He teases us with a bit of image play in this area, suggesting bustiers on dress tops, hinting at the boudoir possibilities of each piece without sacrificing any of the elegance. Caoc’s instinct for balance serves him well for Fall 2005. Stretchy mauve tops provide a popping colour contrast to the rather dark palette. Bouffant fur coats are just the right way to keep a girl (who’s shivering in his chiffon) warm, and Caoc supplies enough unapologetically extravagant puff-pieces to outlast any Canadian winter.

One of the hottest looks in the collection is the grey square-checked jacket with flared collar. It’s worn with a V-neck sweater and blouse with multi-directional stripes, an outfit whose layering leaves each piece just enough room to jockey for visual admiration. The fur vest and the speckled chromosome skirt is another example of how busy visuals supply the energy for this collection, a radical shift for a designer usually known for his love of simplicity.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer