Comrags - fall/winter 2005

For what has to be its umpteenth fall showing, Comrags produced both a commercial and experimental collection that tweaks some old ideas and hits swimmingly on all the major Canadian trends.

A host of suit jackets all sport that rounded cut that’s making the tailoring-room rounds this season, and Comrags pairs these with simple skirts of tastefully contrasting colour. Sometimes the effect looks rather streamlined, as is the case with the black microfibre zip-up jacket with Nehru collar when paired with the gently tuck-pleated, shimmering turquoise skirt. Some of these sassy little numbers work their magic in treated leather. One dress merges the dominatrix with the Swiss miss, all on top of a long-sleeved bohemian turtle neck.

At least two of the blouses are held around the shoulders in a curious gauzy web, these being in bright orange and black, striking both sober and belligerent poses. The slouchy, sloped shoulder trend is put to good use on a bevy of sweaters in the collection. Comrags uses but does not overuse suggestively top-stitched and mildly conical busts.

Things get a little esoteric with the collection’s showpieces, crown-imprinted cream tops and pseudo-regal, floor-length puffy black skirts. Perhaps a more commercially viable variation of this is found in the empire-waisted black skirt that manages to deliver the same flash without the unnecessary encumbrance.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer