Morales - fall/winter 2005

Morales is exactly what fashion is supposed to be-an ongoing experiment of line and colour, fabric and silhouette, with dashes of culture and dream.

We don’t often get to see Morales streamlined, so take ocular advantage of it while you can-ogle the black dress that starts off simple at the shoulders but descends into florid, voluminous folds of tawny gold glory. The little sundresses, those simple creations in blue and black-white gingham, are lacking the flair and spice of the other pieces and this is strangely refreshing. For once, no matter how limp that peach Mary Quant-style A-line dress may be, we have Morales unmasked, devoid of any artfulness. Then things get complicated when she channels the feminine matador with her lace-ruffled bolero capelette, and echoes Scotch sentiments with colourful capri pants. The overabundance of looks and styles, no matter how brilliantly executed, is a little too much to digest in one sitting.

Despite the collection’s flagrant disregard for cool autumn winds, one outfit stole an inordinate amount of my attention. The gardenia print quilted parka, wrapped up in heavenly fur and belted below the waist, could not be more visually riveting nor functional at the same time, though I would have liked to see what dress or skirt it was covering up. Isn’t that the case with Morales-always hiding a trump card up her designer sleeve, giving us no choice but to come back for more next season.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer