Peros - fall/winter 2005

Continuing his forward trajectory of delivering both cheeky and sophisticated outfits in warm colours, Mark Peros extends his multiplicity of looks for Fall 2005.

The warmth is found in the lemon yellow cotton tunics as well as in the brown sweaters that look more like wool knit jackets. This simple, tactile luxury is found in the full-length skirts as well, and the simple clean lines and lack of ornamentation comes like a tonic. This skimpy-meets-cozy approach is a dangerous line that Peros tows effortlessly throughout the collection.

There are the usual dainty suspects-flora and fauna print chiffon dresses and wraparound frocks drowning in cloying nicety. For some reason I like the darker pieces (and I’m not referring to the colour, even though it’s a thrill to see Peros tailoring on something not so floridly bright for a change) such as the lace-up Gregorian black lace blouse with peel-down top as well as straps. It flirts with the naughty side and toys with the neckline, a game evident in other Peros pieces.

Mark Peros continues to demonstrate his ability to pull off a well-balanced collection with a few surprises to captivate and provoke.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer