P.O.W. - fall/winter 2005

Andy Thê-Anh reigns in his spectral power for Fall 2005 to give his ready-to-wear fans a military take with a bit of rainbow-coloured mischief.

The military greatcoats are emblazoned with a ubiquitous red silk band and have flouncy fur collars, with a vertical pull unhindered by any gimcrack.

These darkly coloured coats-as well as tan suit jackets and pea coats-are worn atop a plethora of wine-coloured pants and blouses. Fashion stylist Linda Gaylard notes the cultural fusion in some of these gems.

“While he clearly referenced nineteenth-century Russia, Andy Thê-Anh’s POW collection was manifestly in the now.”

Thê-Anh indulges us with recurring themes from his fashion closet, from the ribbed red velour of an excessively flappy bolero to the electric luminosity of a whisk-me-where-you-will evening gown. Dazzling blue is used to give business outfits their spark, while the silver-buttoned mini-jacket is relieved of some of its seriousness by a lilac chiffon blouse. Cinched, shark-pleated skirts betray their conservativeness with sexed-up side lacing.

Linda Gaylard sums up Thê-Anh’s latest oeuvre succinctly. “He continues to create clothes that women crave and that men crave to see women wearing. His presentation was impeccable and once again Andy proves that fit is a fashion god.”

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer