Comrags - fall/winter 2006

Comrags trotted out a sleek and streamlined look for fall/winter 2006, yet wasn’t afraid of spoiling their time-tested formula by adding some innovative touches.

Black is back, if you pay heed to this label’s sartorial prophecies. The odd crinkling is about as complicated at the crepe dresses get, and there is an unusual strength in the silhouette even on so droopy a material. The bouclé-knit philosopher turtleneck is tight and sinuous, and is just one example of how Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish deliver a sucker punch without needing to pander to the public’s insatiable love affair with accessories. We can forgive the leather body strap because it knows its place.

Comrags has always been about making good fashion look effortless, and this collection is no exception. Layering is done (or rather not overdone) to perfection, with tank tops protruding past jacket hems just enough to make us take notice of them. The slate trenches are brooding yet stylish

If the jacquard print jackets weren’t done up in styles I’ve seen on vintage sofas, they might’ve had a chance. The mahogany tunic accomplished what the jacquard couldn’t: namely, to give sex appeal to squareness.

The white chiffon ruffle dress, as well as the brocade skirts with barely showing crinoline fringes, softens up a rather straight-laced collection that isn’t groundbreaking but is at least thematically unified.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer