Dinh Bà - fall/winter 2006

If our biggest problem was deciding whether Dinh Bà is better puffy, as in the billowy mohair coat with gold trim, or lithe, as in the slim lines of the crinkled black chiffon top, then maybe the label had something going for it as it unveiled its fall/winter 2006-07 collection at Montreal Fashion Week.

Other suspects from the puffy files that makes the decision tough: thanks to meticulous fur pintucking, Dinh Ba managed to unobtrusively soften an otherwise rigid silhouette in the form of a black two-piece suit. The fur stoles, aside from having the inherent disadvantage of hiding the fashion, are artworks in and of themselves.

Barely there and other offenders: slinky banana-yellow crepe top worn bra-less and as a dress. Enter its cousin, a similar piece in aqua colours.

Just when we think that Dinh Bà’s greatest strength is the touch for revolutionary silhouettes (see the unforgettable harnessed dress), the colour coordination comes and snatches it away. Try the short purple dress with the goldenrod embroidered scarf, or the plum housedress with the brown and yellow tribal touches. It’s no easy feat to compose a rainbow of different browns.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer