David Dixon - fall/winter 2006

David Dixon’s fall/winter 2006 collection melds Scandinavian design with cool Canadian to results that are truly original.

The colour choices were appropriate in Dixon’s latest oeuvre. The cobalt blue cashmere coat is to die for, and in true Dixon style, we are treated to a few variations, one of which sports cheeky coattails. Cobalt blue is also used on light tops with shimmering inlay, as well as on embroidered tulle dresses, possibly the only pieces in the collection to deviate from the otherwise clean silhouettes.

David Dixon explains the origins of these nordic lines.

“For fall/winter 2006-07 I drew inspiration from the countries of Scandinavia and their philosophy of design and lifestyle. Their viewpoint stems first from functionality and then through osmosis, everything becomes beautiful in its simplicity.”

Quelle charming fabrics, as Audrey Hepburn might have said of a collection that she could’ve worn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (had it been filmed in Norway). Silver tweed provides the razzle dazzle every gal needs from time to time, while wool tweed is for warmth. Leave it to Dixon to tickle our textural taste buds with shredded chiffon, and to show us that to make delicious duds is sometimes a labor-intensive process.

Dixon continues.

“It is my opinion that people want clothing to reflect simplicity, clean lines, modernity, functionality, but also striking.”

Striking it was.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer