Fairyesque - fall/winter 2006

In an over-the-top show featuring cutesy play-acting and dramatic narrative, Fairyesque unveiled their fall/winter 2006 collection to a tickled Toronto audience.

Frills ‘R Us: the chiffon frill dress with ruching is an example where the ruffles work without looking like a student design competition entry, like it unfortunately does on some of the tops.

The bias-cut dresses work, particularly with well-placed glitter that runs in unimposing silver tributaries. But gold in all its Yukon glory is the new fall accent, as Fairyesque helps to remind us with dapplings that dazzle.

The black florals are visually interesting and they look great with runway dancing and twirling, but they bring too much into an already thematically-cluttered collection. Another example of the saturation factor: Fairyesque nails it with slinky separates, then sandwiches them with clunky tweed pieces that don’t move very well.

A black organza dress with turquoise ribbon threading accomplishes what Fairyesque does best, giving playful silhouettes a bit of colourful, carefree abandon, even if it does feel like spring all year long.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer