Fantine - fall/winter 2006

Fun and flirty are the buzzwords for Fantine’s fall/winter 2006 collection, one that apparently predicts balmy weather in the depths of January.

There is some indubitably Canadian imagery in the collection-randomly placed baby blue antlers on a white silk blouse. This was tucked into a wraparound skirt with a trendily high, neat waist.

Schoolgirl skirts abound, but they also come in sophisticated lines, invoking the Flapper days of the 1920’s, something that the insidious stylings of the Cloche hats doesn’t allow us to forget. A black and white tartan skirt with a rounded top hem walks the line between ditsy and serious, and if it weren’t for these tweed pieces, most of these girls would freeze come next fall.

Some of the charmeuse and wool fabrics seem to fall victim to a weight or balance problem; gathered and cinched dresses bobbled rather than flounced.
And I’m not sure how the stark lines of the cream-coloured empress coat fits into this collection. Though Fantine is clearly flaunting what it can do, sometimes it’s a good idea to hold back for the sake of focus.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer