Izzy Camilleri - fall/winter 2006

If Blade Runner had been directed by Fellini, this is the costuming we might’ve gotten. The surprise hit of Toronto Fashion Week, Izzy Camilleri shows how fierce and sophisticated a fall/winter 2006 collection can be.

There is enough purple here to make the Artist formerly known as the Artist formerly known as Prince jealous. Paisley jacquard and purple satin ruled the show, Italian silhouettes that could give (international comparison) a run for their money. A purple silk chiffon blouse is cinched under a leather pencil tunic, creating a uniform for those who prowl only the most stylish of places.

Toronto red-carpet stylist Linda Gaylard was understandably effusive over how Izzy makes us dizzy.

“I love the way she’s mastered technical skills. Stitching mink to lace, I mean, who can do that? There was definitely an aggressive femininity in the show and this included the reptilian hair.”

A double-breasted leather jacket, worn with billowy culottes is yet another example of the marriage of soft and ferocious, sleek and silky that Camilleri pulls off to astounding results this season. The fur-knit shrug with hoodie is for all those wolverines out there who need a little disguise.

The cat-suits are enough to give Halle Berry a conniption fit, but the bad-girl glam doesn’t end there. A black duck-feather dress introduced a slew of killer evening-wear pieces that testify as to how this collection amounts to such a textural feast. From the sashaying skimpy dresses crafted of nothing more than black beading, to the Kiss of the Spider Woman dress with spaghetti straps, one thing becomes clear: This collection was designed to tantalize.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer