Morales - fall/winter 2006

If avant-garde designer Renata Morales can be said to crash the Canadian women’s ready-to-wear party, she does it with class in her fall /winter 2006-07 collection.

Morales’ interpretation of goth chic is infused with healthy doses of romance. The Victorian propriety of an ornate white lace and black tunic dress, layers that your grandmother would never approve of. A dirndl skirt looks alive for its myriad pleats, and Morales playfully blurs the distinction between capri pants and culottes with a sassy satin number.

Beautifully macabre designs in blue and white (custom printed for Morales), original yet reminiscent of the modern gothic cartoon A Nightmare Before Christmas, are used in jackets and skirts and tops. The powder-pink jacket with sleeves cut short for contrast, similarly gives us access to the subversive side of this Montreal label.

What Morales succeeds in doing this fall is to remind us of an important fact: that if you scratch the surface, you’ll uncover something.

Thank goodness there’s someone to clothe us in these surprising and vulnerable moments.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer


STYLIST: Melanie Garcia
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Isabelle