Mylène B - fall/winter 2006

Mylène B delivers such a simple and classic look for fall/winter 2006-07, that we can forgive the overall 80’s flavouring. It was also one of the better shows at the most dismal Montreal Fashion Week to date.

The offerings in the collection owe their cleanly classic status to an accumulation of small decisions: the decision to make the collars pointy on suit jackets, the decision to use slate and grey on these jackets and to leave the eye-popping colour to the shirts, the choice of linen for crispness over cotton that can sometimes misbehave.

The cowl-neck sweaters are simple yet trendy with their snug sleeves and with weight calibrated so it falls and doesn’t bunch up. I don’t know who else would dare to frame a jungle-green wide-toothed corduroy skirt and jacket in such classic company, but Mylène B does it successfully.

The collection is rounded out by a handful of nifty black and white separates that are always slightly staggered, either by accident or-most probably-by insightful design for maximum layering effect.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer