Nevik - fall/winter 2006

Billy Idol’s Nice Day For a White Wedding might have been sung for Nevik’s fall/winter 2006-07 show, but the misguided nuptial glitz wasn’t white, and it wasn’t a nice day.

Denim suits for women would have been more powerful (and germane to the collection) with a rough-hewn finish, and while the white cotton jogging suits are clean and cute, they are better suited to spring. The supple leather cat-suits are redeemingly sexy, however, and stand out with the leather biker miniskirts as pieces most likely to be worn at a shotgun wedding.

Without a drop of the streamlining used in the best women’s pieces, the pimp daddy vision that Nevik has for men should have been left on the design table. The pieces that weren’t overstyled were ruined with oversized motifs slapped on the back. Then again, perhaps not every wedding needs a groom.

Nevik needs to define, perhaps for the next time, the difference between a fashion show and a party for three hundred of their friends.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer