Pat McDonagh - fall/winter 2006

Fall/winter 2006 is a randy outing for Pat McDonagh, the seminal Canadian designer who’s been delighting and surprising us with her creative (and downright naughty) genius of thirty years.

A grey satin and chiffon top with silver buttons is both futuristic and elegant, not an easy mix to strike. Other greys are dispatched with unlikely verve. Grey button-up jackets and vests are demure, razor-sharp and absent entirely of any superfluous detail that would clutter the look. Even in the more fanciful, dreamy combinations, such as the black bolero atop the tiered chiffon gown, there’s not an inch of extra or misplaced fabric.

The plum jersey set with open back gives a variety of options, all with the same sleek look. For those a little more adventurous, there’s the cut-out dressing gown and matching pants with leather features, or the black and blue tulle prom dress with just enough deceptive sheen to negate any innocence that may be implied by this, or by any McDonagh piece.

The eveningwear, however, is what takes the cake in this collection.
The battle of colours isn’t what you’d call a classic match-up: Grey (who knew this shade could be so sexy!) evening dresses, twisted to perfection and topped with embroidered lace, dukes it out with purple open-backed embroidered dresses, as well as with the dreamy flounces of fuchsia.

Jake Gold of Canadian Idol was spotted taking notes on the black velvet.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer