Pink Tartan - fall/winter 2006

I don’t think anyone was expecting to see East Coast bad boy Ashley MacIsaac opening Pink Tartan’s fall/winter 2006 show with his manic fiddling, or to see him wearing Pink Tartan.

Pink Tartan’s tartans are more aristocratic than Maritime, sporting a sophisticated edge that is undermined by playfulness. The citrus-coloured capri pants were worn with a crimson riding jacket of regal proportions. Cucumber sandwiches and croquet, anyone? The chintzy velvet smoking lapels might be beating the horse dead, though. And in general, the insular Toronto fashion world is using too many exaggerated cloth-covered buttons this season, so Pink tartan is not entirely to blame.

The brown plaid coat, notwithstanding the unavoidable Sherlock Holmes references, is among the snappier outerwear pieces. And for those in-between days when it’s not to hot and not too cold? Pour-quoi pas the button-up braided knit three-quarter-length sweater?

You know all yellow brick roads have their bumps: a button-up cream trench has annoying pocket flaps that I hope can be turned inside. The black and white caftan would have been cool but for its clownishness.

The best pieces in the collection are the simplest ones, a.k.a. the midnight purple crepe dress. Many of the twisty satin dresses and tops in purples and blues have a melting quality that is both unfettered and decadent. Make no mistake, simple doesn’t have to mean boring or prudish. The white jeans read more like hot pants and some of the jackets might not look bad on a motorcycle (okay, a scooter, but still.) And the sparkly, icy purple corduroy jacket is a must-have.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer