Chulo Pony - fall/winter 2006

According to Chulo Pony, fall/winter 2006-07 is a time to let your hair down, for cutesy layering, and for belief in the philosophy of fun.

The layering is done to perfection, a classic example being the fox stole and embroidered vest offsetting a shimmering top. But there is more than just styling here. Simple separates carry the Chulo Pony torch this season, namely the striking frill dresses, striking for their simplicity, even though most of them sport the ubiquitous motifs that look suspiciously similar to the designs they staked the farm on a few season back.

Chulo Pony gave us a spin in the gentle cycle at Toronto’s L’Oréal Fashion Week with the cashmere sweaterdress with perforations, in murky salmon. They must’ve saved the best for first, because what came next were hodge-podge plaid creations that look reconstructed in a thrift store way, definitely more student than designer. Maybe cutesy Chulo Pony should stay out of the recycling business.

Favourite pieces were the midnight blue crushed velvet dress, a ditty that articulated what Chulo Pony does best-girlish elegance in simple one-pieces. Also on the fashion radar was a felted white wool dinner jacket with boat neck and grommet attachments.

Chulo Pony, in trying to cover so many styles in one collection, ended up being all over the place.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer