Symbiose - fall/winter 2006

If you’ve ever wondered how many different versions there can be of the little black dress, then you’ll love Symbiose’s fall/winter 2006 collection.

A mellifluous black jersey dress descends into a double-layered ruffle, blending serious with playful. Other versions finish in pleats or fringes while the upper body remains impeccably smooth and lithe.

The brown series represents a confluence of styles and patterns, as we can see in the ruffled pinstriped skirt and two-tone tank top with Y-shaped webbing. Pants and skirts are generally high-waisted, echoing an elusive sentiment of propriety in the collection.

Colour isn’t wasted on Symbiose’s autumn vision. Bubble-gum pink pretties up a satin dress, electric blue jolts a chiffon camisole and transparent plaid blouse, and purple lends the royal touch to an assortment of dresses. Green, lest we overlook, is for the envy we feel towards the lucky models who got to saunter around in Symbiose.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer