Andy Thê-Anh - fall/winter 2007

Andy touts a slew of midnight black outfits for fall/winter 2007, exhibiting a darker side that we’ve always suspected.

The neutral colours Andy Thê-Anh uses in this collection, shades of black, grey and brown, represent quite a departure for a designer famous for vivid splashes of colour. There are moments where lighter shades take the floor, as cream does with the winter hug bouclé-knit sweaters, but black rules this runway and does it well.

Slim, satin-finish pants have sharp pleats, and are paired with snappy little jackets to create Catwoman versions of the Chanel power suit. The simplicity of seasons past is replaced by combos such as the crinkled bustier with layered bolero, effectively splitting a top into two components. Many of the skirts are hybrid ditties of diverse fabrics, a little complex but all of them sultry.

Thê-Anh manages to touch on a number of trends in Canadian fashion, while maintaining his line’s signature verve. The jackets, which are in a class of their own, feature collar detail that adds touches of romanticism to an otherwise brooding collection. Blouses have puffy sleeves, tapered at the elbow and flared at the wrist, that import an element of fantasy to temper the practical. While leather is hot at the moment, Andy uses as he always does, inventively, creating high-waisted leather skirts slashed into fringes.

The evening wear graces, as usual, the celestial heights of sex appeal. Holier-than-thou jersey hoods stood out in flavouring the show, evoking the Virgin Mary.

Now, for heaven’s sake, get on our knees and start praying that you’re naughty enough to enjoy this collection.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer