Comrags - fall/winter 2007

In their fall/winter 2007 collection, Comrags makes the case that the sexiness of black lies not in black itself, but in its finish.

Black off-the shoulder cotton sweaters are charming for their softness, double-breasted jackets impress with their sharp glimmering sheen, and chiffon dresses strike with quiet mat strength.

An electric blue dress paired with a navy empire-waisted sweater is a welcome dose of solid colour. This fluid combination is repeated with variations in jungle green and reinforces a look where minimal styling is needed. Crimson and gold speckle make for accents in an otherwise muted palette.

Guess what? Comrags is one of the few Canadian designers echoing European sensibilities for fall/winter 2007. With their varicolored or salt-and-pepper tweeds, Comrags takes cues from the house of Chanel in culling the tried-and-true from its fashion archives.

And there are clever transformative tricks given away for free. How do you flare a tunic dress into a bell skirt? With the help of a lightly cinched belt, of course! Good on them for freshening the overdone trend of 50’s jackets by hacking the sleeves off, though let’s just cross our fingers that next winter will be as mild as the last.

Competitiveness is the only downer in an otherwise flawless show. How to explain black and white paisley prints duking it out with gaudy knit patchwork? It might have been nice if the bolder pieces in the collection weren’t made to upstage or be overshadowed by each other.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer