Dinh Bà - fall/winter 2007

Dinh Bà uses marbleized, eye-catching patterns to make a statement for fall/winter 2007.

What statement is that? We might surmise that it’s a chocolaty one, judging by the deep brown that rules nearly every outfit. The paunchy dresses, the crêpe stretch tops, and even the contour detailing throughout this collection had me checking the program to see if Hershey was a sponsor.

Kudos is in order for the two-tone brown skirt and blouse combo, an unassuming but perfect outfit that nobody else has unleashed on the Canadian Fashion Stage this season. The triple-layer skirts make things more complicated only when they are layered for contrast.

Dinh Bà makes the deepest impression with a chiffon turtleneck top that is sheared diagonally at the bottom to reveal a second layer, worn over black tights, a ghostly piece that defies category.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer