Izzy Camilleri - fall/winter 2007

Izzy Camilleri ministers to her faithful for fall/winter 2007 with a collection in sinister black, banking on the allure of sleek lines and batgirl chic.

From a double-breasted trench to a zip-up mini, these jackets are for the true fashionistas, the ones who believe that black is a full-fledged colour, not merely a shade. It’s admirable that a fitted black vinyl jacket doesn’t rely solely on its drippy shine to turn heads. Impeccable tailoring means a cinched waist and tapered sleeves, adding a dash of daintiness to the glam. A treated leather pencil skirt completes the killer outfit.

Purple is the accent colour, and makes a splash in a fierce jungle-print chiffon dress, complimented by a black vinyl neck corset, of course.

Taking a break from the streamlining, Camilleri offers a dimpled leather coat whose texture mutes only the shine, not the sauciness. The leather flute dress worn over a sparkly chiffon blouse makes for a rather extreme contrast, as does the power suit with the triangular shoulders, yet these still jive with the overall gist of the collection—sci-fi femme fatale with strong design sensibilities.

Not everything is so severe and futuristic. A cute little A-line coat is reminiscent of Mary Quant and carries echoes of the sixties, while a band of shimmering vinyl across the front reminds us it’s current, and undeniably Izzy.

Camilleri must be planning for a cold winter because fur abounds, from billowy coats and collars to tufts and trim. A gathered sheared beaver coat with slit-open sleeves stakes its appeal on timelessness, a feature we’re lucky one of Canada’s trendiest designers knows something about.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer