Mackage - fall/winter 2007

Mackage delivers a fall/winter 2007 collection of trimmed-down silhouettes, outerwear with an urban edge.

Yes, there are wide lapels, but this is not just another Canadian collection drowned in Balanciaga-flavoured jackets with buttons big enough to eat fusilli from. I hope not, not with Eva Avila of Canadian Idol fame watching from the front row of the Toronto Fashion Week show.

Mackage gives us skinny. Not clothing for the diet-conscious or the highly-metabolized, but rather, clothing to cling to a variety of beautiful body shapes.

The skinny look informs a lot of the pieces in this collection, a snug fit that Mackage is playing on this season. The label’s signature leather jackets now contain half the material but twice the glamour. Even the fur-tufted ski jackets are beneficiaries of this tendency toward svelte lines, made offbeat and cool with asymmetric zippers.

We’ve seen most of the full-length coats before, in slightly altered incarnations, though both the waists and hemlines seem to be higher than usual for Mackage. The styling would have us believe that these are the sexiest creations ever to slink off a design table. Yet, I wonder how many Canadian women will venture outside pantsless next winter.

It’s nice to see a tomboy slouch sweater throw a wrench into all this slender posturing.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer