M Siamo - fall/winter 2007

M. Siamo injects the fall/winter 2007 line-up with eyeshots of colour, while trying to cover all the bases.

A two-toned purple tunic and its lithe cuts, a strident crimson gown screaming for attention, and a black and yellow bumblebee tartan skirt all make me wonder why it took this long for Minicucci, an industry stalwart, to wow us with her technicolour savvy. We’ll take these exhibits as evidence that designer Marisa Minicucci is targeting a younger market than she has with past collections.

A high-waisted slate skirt with luminescent finish shares little common ground with the taupe wraparound shrug. Similarly, the black wrapped-satin gown is miles apart from the raw-edged leopard print chiffon skirt. What gives?

This is primarily a group of strong separates, and it is forgivable that no over-riding theme unites the disparate pieces. Most of them can make a go of it, stand-alone.

M. Siamo scores big with outerwear, a coup for any Canadian fashion label looking to sell to international markets who have already heard about Canada’s ability to design for the most unfashionably dreary weather. A cropped goldenrod jacket with exaggerated collar and buttons cannot help but capture the eye, as well as echo a 50’s trend in jackets. A full-length black trench has just enough of a military cut to make those who aren’t already fans fall in line to M. Siamo’s drum.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer