Muse - fall/winter 2007

Muse’s Christian Chenail gives us his haunting vision of what plaid should be for fall/winter 2007, in a collection that channels romanticism as much as it does fantasy.

The coats charm with large plaid patterns in red, black and white, whether they’re cropped at the waist, or knee-length dandies with flared sleeves and collars. Regardless, there’s always enough Muse attitude to choke out the competition. But who can compete with originality? This label is one of the few to give plaid free reign this season.

Plaid pencil skirts have little inventive fins to spice it up, while baggy plaid culottes don’t look as clownish when put together in a Muse ensemble as they might otherwise.

There were other key elements that helped define the season for Muse, such as fur stoles and muffs, well-sculpted pants with curious fastenings, and busts following sensual dart lines. The collection is texturally rich for its perforations, ruffles and folds. The silhouettes weave a romantic tale. Indeed, it is hard to witness any Muse show without feeling its narrative thread.

There are, however, a bit too many flaps hanging willy-nilly, fabric appendages that sometimes distract from otherwise streamlined looks, and that’s why it’s nice to revel in Chenail’s simplicity when he gives it to us. A brown crêpe dress has a slightly gathered hem, just enough of a detail to give a muted piece some kick.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer