Pink Tartan - fall/winter 2007

Pink Tartan puts together a sharp, slightly futuristic ensemble for fall/winter 2007, bringing fresh elements to the Canadian fashion.

All you need to create a sexy silhouette are neat lines brought together with precision, as Pink Tartan demonstrates in the lithe, button-up black dress. Even pieces with a softer appeal, such as the charcoal grey velvet suit, have not a lazy line or cut in them.

Black velvet, if you please! Melissa Etheridge could have been referring to the zippy smoking jacket with coattail, a shape that has thankfully survived these anti-tobacco times, or she could have been crooning about the tuxedo vest. Pink Tartan’s evening wear is almost classically tinged, as these separates suggest.

I’m not surprised at how much leeway space-capsule silver is given here, lending flash to a puffed-out parka, a molten metal mini-dress, and a button-down cape for time-travel soirées. Pink Tartan has been getting showier by the season, daring to out-do their fawning fan base.

One piece that’s marvelously out of place is the black-and-white argyle V-neck cardigan, a jolt of academic posturing amid all this muted glam, worn over a black satin skirt and blouse. The ubiquitous little bows, however, make me re-consider my decision not to bring pocket scissors to the shows.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer