Zoran Dobric - fall/winter 2007

Zoran Dobric gives his hand-painted couture fantasies commercial viability for fall/winter 2007.

Solid separates lead the coup by this Toronto house known for moody pieces and atmospheric fashion shows. Fanciful hand-painting was more understated than in previous collections and kept to a minimum, used to accentuate rather than overpower.

For women, the shapes are original yet not otherworldly, firmly rooted in feminine sensibilities and practicality. Bell dresses, pencil skirts and tastefully appointed tops are stand-alone pieces that don’t need to be pieced together to make sense.

The men’s options seem to be over-embellished, but less so than in previous seasons. There are gauzy embellishments here and there, but never so delicate that you’d be afraid they’d blow away in a windstorm.

Renegade fashion designer Alan Chau lent us his observations on the fabrics that Dobric manipulates, apparently so effortlessly.

“I like the mat finishes. The fabrics they use are normally stiff, but they tamed them well by moulding them.”

Boiled silks and satin are taken to their limits, as Zoran Dobric works them into the master plan. Nearly threadbare wraps in red, black and slate are composed of different layers of silk filleted together, and the painstaking handwork that goes into this technique is revealed for us to marvel at.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer