Andrew Majtenyi - collection fall/winter 2008

If you were to poll the average Canadian fashionista (you know the type, toting a half-dozen swag bags, sipping ice wine, and protecting their mascara from the rain with copies of Strut, Fashion, and Flare) as to who was the only Canadian designer to show on the London Fashion Week catwalk for fall/winter 2008, the name ‘Andrew Majtenyi’ might not be the first to tumble from their lips.

For fall/winter 2008, Majtenyi flaunted a line inspired by the rugged terrains of the far North as Canada’s contribution, using textured Italian fabrics in slate, limestone, grey and black to dazzle the High Street crowd.

The bubbled bell dress, with its crushed velvet straps, creates that ‘reach-out-and-touch-me’ effect. A double-layered, grey organza dress is austere for its closed collar yet playful for the looping thread detail. A slinky mini-skirt is worn with a gauzy black top with elliptical overlay, giving a similar contrast.

The collection’s standouts, however, are the scoop-waist jersey dresses in mauve and charcoal. These pieces lend Majtenyi the opportunity to demonstrate his skill at creating elegant silhouettes, a skill among many that the designer is hoping to show off at London and Dubai Fashion Week this September.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer