Evan Biddell - fall/winter 2008

Biddell uses silk, taffeta, and peau-de-soie to create architectural beauties for fall/winter 2008.

Ribbed skirts and tunics in black and gilded green are the tamest shapes in a collection that is imaginative but not out of control. The fabric twists of a navy blue dress, with head wrap and pockets where you don’t expect them to be, set a constructivist ethos on the loose. The red wrap skirt with bias-cut hem shows a more elegant side to all this sartorial playfulness. Baggy elephant pants contrast smartly with all the sharp cuts and pagoda sleeves, and a taupe stretch top similarly provides a different canvas for Bidell’s creativity.

The white pieces, however, are where the collection makes its mark. Floor-length jersey dresses are uncomplicated and cut to perfection. The off-white scoop tunic evokes classic forms that Bidell’s more architecturally complex pieces cannot.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer