Dinh Bà - fall/winter 2008

Dinh Bà delivers a smart, urban collection with thrilling textures for fall/winter 2008.

For women, the collection goes futuristic with snappy mini-suits in silvered tweed, subverting the streamlined look with bellbottoms, ever true to the designer’s experimental tendencies. Tweed is put to subtler use, such as in the double-breasted jacket with thread embroidery.

The line between evening wear and outer wear is blurred, as testified by the gathered black zip-up dress with frilled collar. The frou-frou aspect is toned down in the skin-tight black jersey dress, while the leatherette fringing adds the punch that no Dinh Bà piece would be complete without.

Texture is key to this collection. An otherwise unimpressive grey skirt crackles to life with a peek-a-boo mauve chiffon lining. Dimpled fabric makes for some slinky tops that are refreshingly simple, and the faux wrinkled leather adds to the tactile freshness.

“I work hard to find the most interesting fabrics,” said Bà. “For fall/winter 2008, I decided to use a lot of taffeta, and to gather it as much as possible for maximum play. I also use a thick tweed painted silver to give a mirror effect, and faux wrinkled leather for added texture.”

For men, there are hints of urban cowboy (pinstripe wool vests and pants), adorable geek (black-and-white checkered cardigans), and cotton V-neck t-shirts with graphic graffiti for college gym bodies to flaunt their torsos.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer