David Dixon - fall/winter 2008

David Dixon tries something old, tries something new, and masters the art of the accent colour for his fall/winter 2008 women’s ready-to-wear collection.

We’ve seen Dixon dream up décolleté miracles out of fluttery petalled silk, the kind that make you hold your breath to see if it blows away. We’ve seen crinkled satin evening gowns in steel grey, and in other melancholy colour so favoured by the designer. The trim black dresses vary from past seasons only in imperceptible detail.

While Dixon’s consistency has been one of his key selling points during his decade-long reign over elegant evening wear coming from the Toronto cutting-room floor, his ability to surprise is equally cherished by fans.

Let’s talk pink. The collection twists a bright pink tartan pattern (hey, where have I heard that before?) every which way, from a cutesy button-up trench and pleated pants to a straight-cut jacket and wraparound shirt, serving to brighten the otherwise sober palette.

Toronto red carpet stylist Linda Gaylard attended the show, scoping out new duds for her discerning celebrity clients.

“The French-collared plaid coatdress or raspberry cocktail frock would be perfect for Wendy Crewson,” she said of the renowned Canadian actress. “These demure pieces will be brought to life when inhabited by an enchanting woman.”

Silhouettes are also a locus of experimentation for Dixon in fall/winter 2008. A hot fuchsia satin skirt is corralled in at the knee with some clever stitching, the same technique that tames a frumpy leather embroidered hoodie as a cool—if unruly—piece of couture. In yet another un-trademarked move, Dixon resists all tendencies to streamline a flute dress, letting the fabric fall where it may.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer