Lucian Matis - fall/winter 2008

Lucian Matis uses a killer A-line to create both modern and vintage shapes for fall/winter 2008.

The charcoal wool coat succumbs beautifully to this cut, sombre save for a speckle of embroidered glitter on the rounded collars. A floor-length version of this has a sculpted front closure. Even the pencil tunic has a slight hem flare, and worn over a martinique-striped silk blouse, pushes the collection’s streamlined tendencies.

The more modern women’s wear pieces in the collection include a pagoda-sleeved jacket with double zip. Paired with a double-layered skirt with shark pleats, it becomes obvious that there is no outfit that Lucian Matis cannot put together.

“He sure knocked us out of our seats with this swashbuckling collection!” said Canadian stylist to the stars Linda Gaylard. “Even though all the pieces were black, they would add exuberance to any red carpet. I can’t wait to show this collection to Martha Burns of the hit series Slings and Arrows.”

A few pieces try too hard to be avant-garde, such as the argenté blouse littered with bows and appendages, or the square-shouldered black dress with pockets. But the parade of stunning, sequined gowns—each with their own unique tweak—more than make up for it.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer