Marie Saint Pierre - fall/winter 2008

Marie Saint Pierre does fall/winter 2008 in black, white, and red for yet another collection of stunning silhouettes.

This icon of the Canadian Fashion Stage continues to work miracles with jersey—one of her favourite fabrics, and for good reason. She uses its suppleness to craft mellifluous shapes in black that wrap effortlessly around the body. This year’s crop of fluid sculptures borrows cultural currency from the Clara Bow cloche hat, a period touch that does nothing to erase the timelessness of Saint Pierre’s latest.

Even when the shapes exaggerate and distend, as in the microfibre jacket with LP-sized pockets, the line is reigned in at the waist and at the knees so that practicality is never sacrificed to the gods of whimsy. Boiled wool is used in a variety of outfits, as either main fabric or detailing, and helps to differentiate many pieces of similar colouring.

Crimson! A creased chiffon dress sports some rosebud ruching and parade ribbons, while a décolleté outfit in contoured felt adds an Italian—if Commedia dell’arte—touch.

Separates include a grey stretch turtleneck cut on the bias, while the palazzo pants accentuates the curious lightness of this fall collection.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer