Preloved - fall/winter 2008

If Preloved designer Peter Friesen has his way, fall/winter 2008 will be ruled by simple separates.


Preloved’s version of the mini-suit is relatively uncomplicated–jackets and skirts in mahogany and grey, in often dual-tone colouring, cinched together with a belt. If every collection set out to reinvent the wheel, then we wouldn’t have such pieces as the V-neck sleeved dress with mile-high hemline and white lace embroidery. The single argyle pattern on the sleeve? It’s just there for good measure.


The collection packs a punch with hybrid pieces combining fabrics, patterns, and colours. A full-length grey dress is striking for its herringbone sleeves, though the cardinal red biberon might erase its subtle grace. That same red works its charm when used sparingly as an accent in those mysterious argyle patterns that pop up so unexpectedly.


Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer