Nadya Toto - fall/winter 2008

Nadya Toto made a triumphant return to L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto for fall/winter 2008, in typical pillowy softness.


The black boiled wool coats are luxurious and chic, representing a classic Toto look that fans have been buying in steady supply at her Montreal boutique. In the care of a less skilled hand, such copious amounts of fabric might get lost in itself, rather than delineate silhouette with a well-placed fall, as Toto commands it to do.

That very softness is echoed in the tricot knit tops and dimpled full-length tops and coats, whose finish is thrilling to the touch as well as to the eye. The sumptuous fur tufts on sleeve cuffs remind us that fall is Nadya Toto’s best season.

While the collection scores most of its points in black (see the choir gowns and tell me if you don’t hear strains of “La Traviatta”), the crimson monochromes and accents are bright and dazzling. Rainbow mixes are revisited in both the zigzag lines of a wool coat and in a floral tunic absolutely jumping with colour.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer