Zoran Dobric - fall/winter 2008

Zoran Dobric’s penchant for the unusual is back for fall/winter 2008, delivered in the form of accessible separates.

For women, the devil is in the details. In the unassuming sheer tunic, it’s the filigree detail in royal purple. The curiously lazy ribbon belt, looping where it may, is what gives the little black dress its panache.

That pointed focus is lost in cumbersome constructions such as the blouse with armour-plated collage work. Most pieces, however, are not more complicated than they have to be, a delicate balance that has landed Dobric much media scrutiny and cover spreads.

“This collection features so many rich colours and prints, and I needed to simplify the shapes to show the fabric off,” said Dobric. “I am really interested in creating something special, but still comfortable and easy to wear. I think the best-dressed people never look like they are trying too hard, but still look amazingly put together. My role is to help them mix special pieces with every day clothing to achieve that.”

This simple, uncomplicated look is replicated in a number of men’s pieces for fall/winter 2008. A tiled vest is unforgivingly skimpy (good for dudes with six-packs), while a more formal black button-up version is brightened with waves of sea-foam green overlay and nothing more. An unadorned black suit is a classy, slightly off-beat ensemble that is emblematic of this collection’s overriding accessibility.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer