Andy Thê-Anh - fall/winter 2009

Andy Thê-Anh tinkers with trends and reinvents old favourites for fall/winter 2009.


If one thing’s for sure, you can count always count on Andy Thê-Anh for the latest trends, but never without a few surprises and tinkered expectations. In this outing, we see fall’s ever-popular hourglass silhouettes, though they’re puffed them up with volume, a significant departure from the designer’s typical streamlined slink. From coats and boiled knit jackets to mammoth fur vests and bubble skirts, this inflated ethos is served with the designer’s signature sophistication—one that leaves no stitch untended. It’s also fun to see menswear cuts play havoc with typical siren shapes: cuts are boxy and dresses are roomy. Is tough femininity sweeping the Canadian runways this season?

Dichotomy rules this collection’s colour scheme, with clay, mink, and charcoal as daytime inspiration, while night plays out in shades of gold and other bold solids. How about that orange julep dress with rosettes? Uncharacteristically cute, perhaps, but we’ll take it. The shimmering forest green satin sleeveless dress cannot be ignored, not with its flagrant riff on the electric blue ditties that Thê-Anh tantalizes us with from time to time.

This master of texture gives us yet more reasons to drool. Do I want to run my hand up and down the liquid velvet cascade dress, the alvara knits, and the stone-bespeckled blouse? Maybe, but that’s none of your business. Other tactile treasures include the velvet ruffle evening dress.
The verdict is in: Here is a designer who is not afraid to repackage his greatest hits with an updated twist, nor to forget them completely and boogie forward.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer