Barbie by David Dixon - fall/winter 2009

Birthday girl Barbie was treated to the fixings of Canada’s own David Dixon to help celebrate a milestone anniversary.


The Canadian designer was chosen to bring Barbie’s big 5-0 celebration to the runway, and there could be no better choice. So how do you design clothes for the quintessential American goddess who has seemingly worn it all? After all, no single doll or entity for that matter has done a better job keeping up with the trends for this long. Not even her 60s side-kick Midge!

Dixon rose to the challenge and drew more than a few catcalls from Toronto’s LG Fashionweek crowd. This limited-edition collection black, pink, and ivory references Barbie’s very first swimsuit collection in 1959, complete with micro accents. The line is saturated with pink, of course, but scientists couldn’t even separate pink from Barbie, so don’t blame Dixon. The Barbie mosaic sprawls in life-sized glory as angora cross-hatch wool is used with 60s verve. Vintage skinny pants are matched with flowing silk blouses, and knit toques remind us that iconoclasts are not immune to the bite of winter.

Mixing modern and vintage with plenty of houndstooth check to go around, these Barbie-made-me-do-it pieces are quite simply big-button fun. Gotta love the classic black and white shoes—they go with all of her outfits!

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer