Joeffer Caoc - fall/winter 2009

It’s all fantasy, femmebots, and adventure as Caoc revisits some familiar legends for fall-winter 2009.


It would seem that this season, Caoc is intent on making everyday life a playground for superheroes. The slick black jacket neatly gathered at the waist offers a vixen softness. The silver metallic shift dress references Gotham City, and not just because of its architectural similarities to the Chrysler Building. Throughout the collection, Coac softens this look with small accoutrements, and details such as puffy epaullettes soothe the overall austerity. What was most appealing about the collection was its accessibility and lack of clutter.

Caoc’s vision of super heroine worship is most alchemic, what with his treatment of feminine toughness in perfect proportion. Prevalent in the collection is a double layering of sheer, golden fabric reminiscent of a slyly unwrapped candy. The gold pieces have a mellifluous flow, as does the crimson silk jersey dress with beautifully simple, asymmetric draping, and the phantom blue tie-over coat.

While known for exacting symmetry, Caoc pulls off the bias cut with equal expertise.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer