Carlie Wong - fall/winter 2009

Carlie Wong replays 80s hits for fall/winter 2009 to please the LG Fashion Week crowd.

Wong, the youngest of 12 designers in the inaugural Project Runway, here delivers a collection that channels a number of themes firmly planted in the 80s, from elegant power-dressing to vintage hip hop, Salt ‘N Pepa-style.
The gold rose-print dress is pure bravado and daring, and no, those aren’t leopard spots. The flowing, off-the-shoulder black dress, as well as a silver lamé number, were equally vibrant. The miniskirts were micro, with slight but noticeable draping detail, if lacking the elegant swoop of the longer pieces. The oversized vest worn with a cat suit was one of my favourites, for showing off deft cuts on both tight and loose clothing.

Accessories, notably, didn’t rely too much on era-specific emulation to curry the favour of Wong’s growing fan base. Low-cut sleeveless tops with gold bangles, visible zippers, and gauntlets made for playful and engaging touches.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer