Comrags - fall/winter 2009

Comrags’ 25th anniversary collection is a picnic of tweeds in warm, fall colours.

What’s 25 years in the fashion world? At the Comrags’ LG Fashion Week show in Toronto, a crumpled brown paper backdrop with a taped “our lovely mess” sign announced this milestone.

Designers Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish gives us a bevy of simple cuts in tweed, the season’s hottest fabric (pun intended). Plaid combos appeared in skirt and pant-suit options, where warm colours mixed in with cooler tones. A gathered, grey dress right out of Singing in the Rain had a wet clay sculpted look—my favourite in the collection. Taking down the temperature, a galactic blue print overlayed a flowing fall dress and a casual vest: a colour twist in a mostly earthy coloured collection. Even the hair evoked that tusseled autumn feel, teased out and accented with vintage pearl clips. Scarves with crochet leaves softened each look, while taffeta a-line dresses closed the show in the sweet colors of fall.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer