Dinh Bá - fall/winter 2009

Grey Daze: Dinh Bá extends plaid’s lifeline with pleated precision for fall-winter 2009.


Dinh Bá escapes re-hashed red Tartans with unassuming grey, and when paired with stripes, this odd panacea works quite well. The designer’s use of this framing technique—in tops and in bottoms—comes through in refreshing clarity.

The obsession with plaid in this fall-winter 2009 outing is a mercurial energy that comes across in many forms, from classic to sporty to pleated. In particular, the roller mini in pleated plaid—with its edgy rivets and tiny hoop belt—is a hip and playful take on the classic pattern. Other bold variations include slanted hems and reptilian finish, and the designer takes it in a whole other direction when he diffuses plaid patterns in a beautiful grey and white pastel jacket.
Lines frame the collection nicely in gathered and layered skirts, serving to define the overall silhouette. The designer makes use of ribbons innovatively—bow-tying the mid-riff in a quasi-sash is a nice touch, and it adds a touch of warmth.

The metal-infused dresses, with their gold and silver glitter, failed to completely steal the spotlight from the girl next door, plaid.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer