David Dixon - fall/winter 2009

David Dixon quotes The Raven with a fall/winter 2009 collection full of dark secrets.


Embroidered black feathered skirts sashayed down Toronto’s LG Fashionweek runway, form-fitting to sheen. The black raven immediately comes to mind, and why not? The raven symbolizes the void—unexplored mystery—and this king of crows is also said to represent knowledge, fitting for a designer with such a deep fashion repertoire. This outing is elaborate with each elegant strut and exciting aside, featuring a mysterious sweep of adventurous cuts, clever primps, and casual wool and leather combos.

Sticking with the slickness, the wool silk pieces are mercurial and rich, streamlined with sleeveless bravado. Dixon’s use of translucent layers over his dresses—and trimmed with feathers, of course—creates a light, spectral finish. The lighter wool silk dresses, with their ice frost sparkle, are stark and clear, offsetting the nocturnal side and bringing the collection some light.

The aqua-blend prints spill and breeze with just the right wash of pastels, while the strikingly cut striped wool dresses are sparse and elegant in their svelte state. Other memorable pieces are the maroon sateen wool suit with linear pleats and the raven-black glazed wool jackets.

Is it wrong, when you have class, to crow about it? “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore’ ”.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer