Lundström - fall/winter 2009

Outerwear nabbed some of the LG Fashionweek spotlight for fall/winter 2009, and for all the right reasons.


In Linda Lundström’s world, a woman’s coat is a fashion statement—not just a way to keep out the cold. A deftly-cut, felted coat in autumn rust steals attention from a sleek, jet-black outfit worn underneath, while the sheen of a metallic trench is offset by a bountiful fur collar (faux fur options are available as well.) We see black and white plaid in both exaggerated and tamed-down incarnations, as well as a classic Stevie Nicks wrap shawl. The LaParka, though, is among the best-known of these cozy offerings.

Lundström keeps hems long where other designers might have been tempted to nip them at the knee; the cinched grey sleeveless cocoon dress is best left ankle-length, and this elliptical shape is echoed in such pieces as the palazzo pants and the breathtaking empress gown with gigantic hood. Slim pencil trousers and skirts perpetuate this vertical takeover.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer