Lucian Matis - fall/winter 2009

A deer-in-the-headlight showstopper collection by Lucian Matis keeps fall/winter 2009 warm and wild.

In many ways, Matis’s soft parade of fawns and doe-eyed beauties, playing themes of urbanite predator and endangered species, was the main event of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week. These themes came through in painted silks with nymph appeal, grey abstract river prints, and a vest-like blouse with sheer sleeves. The dark copper jacket with hyperbolic collar, worn with gradient mini, was a showstopper for its subtle elegance and rich tones that popped on the runway. For all the animalistic wilderness themes going on, the warmth of the collection bundles up quite nicely.

The collection oozes organic, courtesy of textured extra bits culled from nature: bangles made of wood and ornamental horns and antlers, in strong contrast with jewelry by Toronto favourite, Dandi Maestre. The appearance of these pieces is a powerful statement of our carnal instincts, of consumption and vanity, and of objectification, even though most of the audience—including me!—had high fashion in mind.

With designs this fabulous, Matis need not lean toward styling overshare. With all the primping and pampering, a few of the simple, casual pieces get lost in the hairspray.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer